In this part of the project we focus on the intensity of participatory processes and its potential impacts on public policies. We want to analyze if the policies implemented from intense participatory processes are significantly different to those that come out from processes with a less intense participation.

The intensity of participation is measured throughout an index taking into account different variables related with the participatory mechanisms such as the number of stages of application, the number of participatory tools, the level of information provided or the presence of facilitation, experts and external consultants.

At first, we could expect that the implementation of policies issued from more intense participative mechanisms would include more views, actors and stakeholders (inclusiveness). Also, these policies may be more sensitive to the incorporation of previous demands of citizens (responsiveness) and more likely to provide information about goals, costs, etc (visibility), what facilitates to hold accountable the local government for the management of that policy. Additionally, participatory processes often incorporate new accountability mechanisms. This dynamic could generate more accountable public policies depending on the intensity of the participation.





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